People have many reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery. You may have had an accident or surgery to treat a medical condition and a cosmetic surgeon to help make the scar less obvious. You may have an imperfection that is causing you emotional distress and a lack of confidence. Or you may simply want to banish some of the common signs that you are getting older.

Spencer Hodges Cosmetic Surgery

Choosing your cosmetic surgeon

Going to see an expert surgeon with a thorough knowledge of the skin, muscle and bone structure in the face is the best option whatever your concerns. Mr Hodges received his training through a Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He now has 20 years experience in providing tailored treatment to individual patients.

“As an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon I always think about the cosmetic aspect of all my operations – it goes together with any medical needs and requirements.”

Cosmetic procedures available

Mr Hodges undertakes a variety of cosmetic operations. These are bespoke to each patient but some procedures are used to treat common problems:

  • Facial wrinkles and lines – injection of Botulinum toxin A (Botox) into the muscles of the face can really improve the appearance of your skin by relaxing the muscles that cause the lines that age your face.
  • Facial lumps and bumps – Many facial lumps and bumps are harmless but can be very noticeable particularly when in a prominent place such as the nose, lips or chin. Checking out the cause of the lump is the first step. Mr Hodges will examine the lump and make a diagnosis to rule out something sinister. Then, depending on what the cause is, the lump can be simply removed leaving little scarring. Most lumps can be removed under local anaesthetic alone allowing minimal down time from your daily life.
  • Moles and warts – One common side effect of is the appearance of a type of mole called a intradermal naevus, which may become more obvious over time. These moles can be raised and become quite large. Even though they are usually the same colour as neighbouring skin, they can make you feel very self-conscious. Once diagnosed they can either shaved flat with the skin leaving a small graze which heals very well or cut out leaving a small scar that fades with time.
  • Skin tags – These small fleshy lumps are just stretched skin that usually form on the eyelids and neck. They can be easily removed under local anaesthetic.

Making scars less obvious

Scars can result from injury or previous surgery or due to an infection such as chicken pox. Facial scars are particularly difficult to deal with and can really affect your self-esteem if they are very obvious. Scars can refuse to fade over time because:

  • They may have not been sutured but glued or paper stitched.
  • The wound may have got infected.
  • The skin may have stretched causing the scar to widen.

A great deal can be done to make scars less noticeable. Mr Hodges will examine your scar in an initial consultation and discuss treatment options with you. These may include

  • Topical therapies (gels or creams applied direct to the skin) to improve the scar’s appearance.
  • Injection of fillers and treatments into the scar to make it less noticeable.
  • Blending the scar into the surrounding skin.
  • Removing the old scar and repositioning it.
  • Removing the old scar and changing its shape.

Chicken pox scars are very common and can appear as small craters on the skin that are quite noticeable due to the effects of light and shadow. Simple procedures carried out under local anaesthetic can raise the depressed area of the scar to prevent this.

It might not be possible to make the scar disappear completely but the above techniques make the scars much less noticeable to the other people you deal with every day.

Lip remodelling

The shape of your lips affects the look of your entire face. Lip deformities can arise due to:

  • Salivary cysts
  • Mouth and lip polyps
  • Excess lip skin or mucosa
  • Old scars
  • Sun damage
  • Skin cancers
  • Salivary gland tumours

Mr Hodges will be able to tell you the cause of the deformity and treat as appropriate. The goal of treatment is to restore full function in terms of speaking, eating and smiling and to give you a pair of healthy attractive lips.