Mr Hodges consults in several renowned private hospitals in London and the South East. He has access to minor operation facilities, day surgery theatres, and in-patient operating theatres depending on what is best for you. He has chosen these hospitals because they ensure high standards of care, a friendly environment and pleasant surroundings.

Your first appointment

When you first book an appointment with Mr Hodges you will have an initial consultation, which will last about half an hour.

It is helpful if you can bring the following with you, if you have them:

  • Any referral letters you have from your GP (NHS or private)
  • Any previous correspondence relating to your medical problem
  • X-rays that you have had taken previously
  • Scan results or images from previous consultations with another doctor

Having any health problem is worrying and it is normal to feel intimidated, embarrassed, anxious and even fearful when you come to talk about it and to face tests and treatments.

Mr Hodges will put you at your ease and is very approachable and friendly. He will encourage you to relax and talk through your symptoms and the impact they have on your life.

If you would like to bring a friend or relative with you, please do. It can be very reassuring to have someone you know to travel with you, sit and have a coffee in the waiting room and then come into the consultation with you.

Feel free to ask questions. If you think you will forget everything when you get into the consultation room, make some notes and share these with your friend or relative, so they can ask things on your behalf if you forget.

During your consultation Mr Hodges will introduce himself and then take a detailed history of your problem. He will listen to your concerns to see how your problem affects your quality of life. He will then take details of any current or past medical illnesses in case they may be contributing to your current problem.

Mr Hodges will then perform a thorough physical examination. Scans or tests that are needed are requested and treatment options will be discussed with you at this and every stage.

How long will my consultation last?

Initial consultations usually last up to 30 minutes and follow-up consultations 15 minutes.

Follow-up consultation to discuss test results

You may have a follow up consultation to discuss test results and to make decisions on the treatment plan that Mr Hodges will suggest for you.

After your surgery

If you need surgery you will have pre-operative checks and then be booked into the hospital that is most convenient for you.

Many operations are done as day cases, so you will need someone to travel with you and accompany you home afterwards. Mr Hodges advises that you have someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours, or until you feel confident that you can manage alone.

After a few days or weeks, depending on the operations, Mr Hodges will meet you to assess how you have healed after surgery. He will encourage you to discuss any concerns you may have and advise on any further care required.

Any pathology results will also be discussed in detail and Mr Hodges will explain any further treatment that may be required.

What if I am worried?

Mr Hodges and his medical team will ensure you have detailed information about your surgery and what to expect afterwards but if you feel unwell or are worried, then please contact us on 020 7046 8030 or